Graduate profile: Sam


    Sam Thompson

    Joined AlphaBeta in 2019
    BCom BEc

    I wanted to work for AlphaBeta because it provides a great balance of economics and strategy work, and we use interesting data and innovative approaches to address problems. Since joining the firm, I’ve worked on projects in sustainability, technology and innovation, skills and jobs—these have all been genuinely interesting topics.

    It’s also been a great opportunity to work alongside bright, talented and passionate people in an environment where I get to challenge myself and develop. I’ve been getting more involved in firm activities, such as helping with recruitment and planning social events throughout the year.

    One of the real strengths here is the culture: it’s very friendly and collegial, and we have regular social events during the year.

    Since joining AlphaBeta I’ve worked on a range of different projects, from analysis for large fintech companies to identifying best practice waste management systems. AlphaBeta’s projects constantly innovate by using new data sources and analytical methods. Even though the learning curve is steep, the working style at AlphaBeta is non-hierarchical, and I was able to contribute to projects from day one. The emphasis on training helped me to very quickly develop my consulting skills—whether that’s presenting, coding or applying new analytical models.

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