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05 December 2019

Stewarding Our Global Commons: An Urgent Call for Action

Stewarding our global commons is crucial to a successful business future. We are running out of time to reverse the degradation of our planetary life-support systems, and businesses need to act now. Find out how in our report with the Stewardship Asia Centre.


21 October 2019

Recycling and resource recovery infrastructure in Victoria: International comparisons

Victoria has an opportunity to establish a more resilient, high-performing waste and recycling sector by learning from best-practice jurisdictions in Europe, Asia and interstate.


27 September 2019

Pathways to a low carbon future: Decoupling economic growth from carbon emissions

Many countries are committed to reducing carbon emissions, and there are ongoing efforts to rank emissions contributions. However, comparing carbon emissions on an absolute basis across countries is challenging due to differences in population size, economic structure and embedded emissions on top of measurement issues. This discussion paper discusses potential challenges and insights arising from a comparison of emissions across countries.


12 June 2019

“Commodity-First”: A production centred approach to mobilising private sector to curb deforestation

AlphaBeta supports the Tropical Forest Alliance on the development of a “commodity-first” approach to identifying commodity-driven deforestation hotspots to increase private sector engagement.


06 March 2019

Protein Market: Size of the Prize Analysis for Australia

AlphaBeta was commissioned by Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL) to conduct a study on the key opportunities for Australian food and agribusinesses in the global protein market. This first-of-its-kind analysis of 50 protein types sheds light on how an additional $55 billion could be captured by the Australia if food and agribusinesses shift their thinking from ‘commodity’ to ‘high-value’ protein by 2025.


21 January 2019

Climate Change and Rising Sea Levels: Mitigating and adapting to the looming threats

Businesses and policymakers alike will need to radically change their approaches to combat climate change and the impact of climate change on sea level. As part of the Ecosperity Conversations series, Temasek organised a discussion by Professor Benjamin Horton on the impact of rising sea levels. This AlphaBeta report covers the key topics discussed during the session and includes additional insights and potential implications for businesses and policymaking.


05 December 2018

The Great Energy Transition: Challenges and opportunities for transformation

As part of the Ecosperity Conversations series, Temasek organised a session on the future energy value chain. Change is the only constant in the energy landscape, and a range of challenges like climate change and energy security is driving policy and business innovation to enable the energy transition. This report by AlphaBeta summarises the key conversations from this session and complements these with additional insights on implications for Singapore.


30 October 2018

Sustainable Packaging: Tackling Plastic Waste in Asia

Sustainable packaging is becoming a critical concern in Asia. While individual companies, governments, and NGOs are already actively pursuing their own initiatives to reduce packaging waste, more can be done with greater strategic partnerships and robust fact bases. AlphaBeta has been working with FIA, an industry body representing leading food and beverage companies in Asia, to prioritise sustainable packaging and consolidate a comprehensive fact base around this issue.


25 October 2018

Challenges and opportunities for Singapore’s sustainable development

As part of Temasek's Ecosperity programme, Speaker of Parliament Mr. Tan Chuan-Jin discussed a range of sustainability challenges Singapore faces during a youth dialogue session held at SMU. Water constraints, food and energy security, carbon consciousness, land scarcity, rapid ageing, heritage protection and protection of biodiversity are just some of the restrictions that Singaporean policymakers and citizens must grapple with on a daily basis. This report by AlphaBeta summarises the key conversations from this session.

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