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01 July 2020

Valuing and unlocking the SDG prize for businesses

AlphaBeta had the honour of supporting the Business & Sustainable Development Commission, a group of world-leading CEOs, in answering this question. In this new video, we summarise our findings and approach.


09 June 2020

Measuring the value and impact of Australia’s Defence supply chain

Prime defence contractors play a key role in translating government spending into jobs and activity in the broader economy, analysis reveals.


16 March 2020

Growing Australia’s oil and gas supply chain

Australia's O&G supply chain could add an extra $7 billion to the economy by 2030 if it can overcome systemic barriers to growth.


01 November 2019

Capturing the ASEAN agricultural opportunity for Northern Australia

AlphaBeta is proud to have supported the Australian Chamber of Commerce in ASEAN (AustCham ASEAN) in identifying the best bets in agri-food product exports for Northern Australian producers to ASEAN nations.


18 September 2019

Staying Ahead of the Game: The $74B digital opportunity in Australia’s resources industries

Digital automation technologies in the mining, oil and gas industries could add $74 billion in value to the Australian economy and create over 80,000 new jobs by 2030.


14 August 2019

The Data Opportunity: The promise of digital trade for India

With the country’s ambitious ‘Digital India’ strategy, India is developing a strong agenda to fully capture the benefits of digital technologies for individuals, businesses, and start-ups. Digital trade will be crucial, not only to increase and diversify the country’s export base, but also for helping local businesses leverage digital technologies across every sector of the economy.


08 August 2019

The Future Is Voice: Start building now

Just as the world adjusts to the proliferation of screens, the emerging conversational economy is going to fundamentally transform our lives again.


05 August 2019

Capturing Indonesia’s automation potential

Automation is transforming the Indonesian economy, driving strong GDP growth and lifting workers' incomes. But there is more to be gained: with appropriate policies, Indonesia could realise a further A$500 billion by 2030.


24 June 2019

Paying the price: The economic impact of paying Australian small businesses late

Every year, $115 billion worth of payments from large to small and medium businesses are paid late, on average by 23 days. Eradicating late payments would generate $2.54 billion in net benefits to Australia over a decade.

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