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05 December 2019

Stewarding Our Global Commons: An Urgent Call for Action

Stewarding our global commons is crucial to a successful business future. We are running out of time to reverse the degradation of our planetary life-support systems, and businesses need to act now. Find out how in our report with the Stewardship Asia Centre.


19 November 2019

Australia’s AI Roadmap: Solving problems, growing the economy and improving our quality of life

AlphaBeta is proud to have contributed to the Australian Government's AI roadmap, which identifies opportunities for Australia to capture the benefits of artificial intelligence over the next 10 years.


15 November 2019

The economic opportunity of digital skilling in Japan (insights from forthcoming research)

AlphaBeta is currently conducting research to examine the value of digital skills for Japan’s economy and to identify ways in which government, the private sector, and civil society can come together to capture this opportunity.


06 November 2019

AlphaBeta opens new Canberra office

AlphaBeta has expanded into a new office to support its fast-growing corporate and government advisory business in Canberra.


01 November 2019

Capturing the ASEAN agricultural opportunity for Northern Australia

AlphaBeta is proud to have supported the Australian Chamber of Commerce in ASEAN (AustCham ASEAN) in identifying the best bets in agri-food product exports for Northern Australian producers to ASEAN nations.


31 October 2019

Connecting Australia: How technology levels the playing field for small business

Small businesses that invest more in technology also tend to create more jobs and grow revenues faster than their peers, analysis reveals.


21 October 2019

Recycling and resource recovery infrastructure in Victoria: International comparisons

Victoria has an opportunity to establish a more resilient, high-performing waste and recycling sector by learning from best-practice jurisdictions in Europe, Asia and interstate.


27 September 2019

Pathways to a low carbon future: Decoupling economic growth from carbon emissions

Many countries are committed to reducing carbon emissions, and there are ongoing efforts to rank emissions contributions. However, comparing carbon emissions on an absolute basis across countries is challenging due to differences in population size, economic structure and embedded emissions on top of measurement issues. This discussion paper discusses potential challenges and insights arising from a comparison of emissions across countries.


18 September 2019

Staying Ahead of the Game: The $74B digital opportunity in Australia’s resources industries

Digital automation technologies in the mining, oil and gas industries could add $74 billion in value to the Australian economy and create over 80,000 new jobs by 2030.

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