Data analytics

AlphaBeta owns and licenses a suite of economic data from multiple sources which offers proprietary insights into economic trends. Our data includes real time economic information, employment data, satellite imagery, housing and transport information.

We constantly monitor the economic forces shaping our clients’ industries, and help them to understand the implications of these forces for growth and profitability. We build close ties with the client’s executives to understand and address the ‘top-of-mind’ issues facing the organization. We help clients to not only interpret current trends, but to see ‘around the corner’ and preempt the second- and third-order effects of these trends. We also provide clients with proprietary economic insights, which enables them to stay ahead of their competitors. This includes information related to consumer demand at the city-level and real-time macroeconomic data.

Examples of past work and insights

Providing retainer-based economic analysis for an Australian conglomerate
Using satellite data to understand city-level growth across Asia
Developing real-time models of the Australian economy

Relevant Publications

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