Innovation and Technology

From the printing press to the steam engine and the Internet, technology has always been a powerful force for change, disrupting the way we do things and driving dynamic economic change. The difference today is the sheer ubiquity of technology in our lives, the pace of new innovation, and the scale of adoption. It took radio 38 years to attract an audience of 50 million people; Facebook did so in 12 months, and Twitter in 9. Two to three billion more people could go online in the coming decade alone. Processing power and connectivity are only part of the story; digitisation and big data are fuelling new business models—from retail platforms like Lazada to car-hailing apps like GrabTaxi—and levelling the playing field among large and small businesses in emerging and developed markets.

AlphaBeta works with corporations, investors, and governments on various technology related issues, including supporting the development of digital technologies (such as the Internet of Things, big data, and mobile Internet) and adjusting to evolving regulatory landscapes (e.g., the sharing economy).

Examples of past work and insights

Developing a digital innovation strategy for a group of countries in Asia
Urban mobility in Asia
Understanding the economic benefit of new technologies for a country
Lessons on how to regulate the sharing economy
Helping a global technology company to understand the future of the online video industry and map out the ideal regulatory environment


Relevant Publications

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