Inequality and Job Creation

The belief that a rising tide would lift all boats when it comes to economic growth and incomes is no longer accepted. In fact, over the past decade, real incomes in advanced economies were flat or fell for almost 70 per cent of households. The share of national income that goes to workers is falling and income inequality is growing as lower-skill workers experience unemployment, underemployment, or stagnating wages. The rapid advance of technology could place further strains on income inequality. In Australia for example, AlphaBeta found that over 70 per cent of young people entering the workforce are in occupations that will be radically affected by automation.

AlphaBeta works with governments, NGOs, and corporates on addressing income equality concerns and supporting job creation. Our work includes the application of Big Data analysis to understand what millions of advertisements on online jobs boards can tell us about the shifting nature of skills demand; and on working with a leading global institution on how to support digital financial inclusion.

Examples of past work and insights

Scaling up digital financial inclusion
Understanding the changing job market facing young Australians
Figuring out what employers really want

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