What We Look For

AlphaBeta looks for six types of leadership potential in candidates. We stress the word potential – we don’t expect you to have all of these, but we look for evidence based on your past track record that you can develop quickly on these dimensions. This is important as we only hire people we believe could be future partners of the Firm.

A question we are often asked is whether an economics background is required to apply. A background in economics is useful, but not necessary. We have found that talented people from a variety of backgrounds have been able to excel at AlphaBeta provided they have a strong interest in economics and perform well on the other leadership dimensions.

Problem solving leadership – Develops high impact solutions for clients

Knowledge leadership – Provides deep and relevant insight into economic issues for clients

Client leadership – Builds enduring, trust-based relationships with clients

Entrepreneurial leadership – Looks for new opportunities for client impact

People leadership – Inspires and develops others and fosters teamwork

Values leadership – Demonstrates strong ethics

How do we test for these factors? See application process for further details.


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