How To Apply

Application Process

Stage One: Application

Given the large volume of applications we receive, we screen carefully for strong evidence of potential fit with AlphaBeta. We look in particular for strong academic achievement, evidence of leadership and teamwork, and a demonstrated interest in the work AlphaBeta does.

Stage Two: First Round Interviews 

The first round will consist of a minimum of two interviews with AlphaBeta consultants. Each interview will have two components. The first will be a discussion around your experience and motivations. You may be asked to walk through a particular past experience that relates to some of the issues you may face at AlphaBeta. For example, you could be asked to describe a time when you overcame difficulties in working in a team, or when you resolved a difference of opinion with someone more senior.

The second component is a case study, which will be based on some prior client work that AlphaBeta has done. The case study is not only a great way for us to see how you think about a problem, but is also allows you to experience some of the work we do. There are many example case studies available online and we urge you to practice some before your interview.

Stage Three: Final Round Interviews

The same format will be repeated as with Stage 2, held with members of the senior leadership team.

Stage Four: Offer to successful candidate

All going well, we make you an offer and you join our team!

How to apply

AlphaBeta hires all year round across both locations. If you’re interested in working with us, please apply below.

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