Create measurable impact for our clients

  • We focus on the ‘second bounce of the ball’ (ie focusing on second order implications) of economic issues
  • We bring the best expertise to bear on an issue, leveraging an international network experts
  • We do not accept work where we do not believe there is scope for real impact or where we are not the best placed organisation to do it. We do not want transactional interactions, but rather aim to build enduring relationships
  • We are constantly pragmatic, guided by the specific actions that will create impact for clients. Our recommendations are written in clear, plain English that focus on the ‘so whats’ for a CEO-level audience

Adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards

  • We always maintain an independent perspective and do not ‘back solve’. We also admit when we don’t know something – no bluffing!
  • We are obsessive about maintaining client confidentiality
  • We reject work where we believe it has questionable ethical implications, even if legal

Create an unrivalled environment for exceptional people

  • We demand high standards, led from the top!
  • We are non-hierarchical and inclusive, upholding the obligation to dissent
  • We have a strong focus on apprenticeship, mentoring and training. We want to be the best environment for talented people who want to shape business and society to come and develop their skills. And have fun doing it!

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