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Preparing Australia’s oil and gas workers for uncertain times

Is the jobs boom in Australia’s oil and gas industry here to stay? A new report, based on AlphaBeta research, presents three workforce scenarios for the future.

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Op-ed: Myanmar can avoid resource curse

Such an abundance of natural resources can be both a blessing and a curse for a country. In Myanmar, there is much debate over the economic, social, and environmental effects of extractive industries. Landslides and flooding as well as land expropriation and environmental damage have perpetuated negative ideas about mining.

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Why economics is cool!

Can economics make this world a better place? AlphaBeta Director Andrew Charlton sat down with the Women in Economics Network to explain his passion for economics as a career.

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Social Progress in Mining-Dependent Countries

Life for people in countries that are ‘mining-dependent’ is improving… Today, people in these countries are generally healthier, wealthier, and better educated.

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