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Interview: Australia’s extraordinary boom masks need for economic reform

What lies behind Australia’s 26-year run of uninterrupted economic growth? Andrew Charlton, Sydney-based Director at AlphaBeta Advisors, talks to Bloomberg TV

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ABC The Business: Three Years of Record Low Interest Rates Coming Home to Roost in House Prices

The Business – ABC, 21 March 2017, Host: Elysse Morgan.
As the RBA fires its warning shot on rocketing house prices, the Federal Government could be running out of ammunition to tackle affordability.

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ABC Lateline: Future of Jobs

Lateline – ABC, 29 June 2016. Reporter: Margot O’Neill.
A special report on the future of employment, with predictions that half of young Australians are preparing themselves now for 40%

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ABC 7.30 Report: Dr Andrew Charlton on China’s Economic Challenges and Opportunities

7.30 Report – ABC, Reporter: Hayden Cooper
Andrew Charlton describes China’s economic challenges in five minutes on ABC 7.30. AlphaBeta has been warning that China’s growth was unsustainable since 2011.

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Kick starting growth after the mining boom in Australia and Canada

The Business -ABC News. Reporter: Michael Janda.
Canada has already slipped into recession. Business reporter, Michael Janda compares two of the world;s most resource dependent developed economics.

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AlphaBeta has been forecasting Chinese slowdown since 2011

7.30 Report – ABC. Reporter: Pat MacGrath.
China could be on course for an economic shock worst than the late 90s one in parts of Asia, and it’s already plunged the Australian share market deep into the red.

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