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Micro-Revolution: The New Stakeholders of Trade in APAC

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are the economic backbone of the Asia Pacific, accounting for more than 97 percent of firms and employing more than half of all workers in the region. They are also at the heart of Asia Pacific’s trade with the world.

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AlphaBeta Helps to Tackle Plastic Waste in the Ocean

There could be one ton of plastic waste in the world’s oceans for every three tons of fish in the year 2025. AlphaBeta Director Fraser Thompson explored new ways to reduce marine plastic waste at the Responsible Business Forum.

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AlphaBeta in Africa: How geospatial technology could transform Nigeria

New technologies can be a game changer for developing countries. A visit to Africa put recent AlphaBeta research under the spotlight.

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AlphaBeta presents new research at leading Indian tech conference

The video-on-demand industry in Asia is forecast to boom in coming years. What are the economic benefits for economies, filmmakers and consumers? Nicolo’ Andreula, Principal at AlphaBeta Advisors in Singapore, shares latest insights.

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