Supporting economic development in less developed countries in Asia


Many less developed countries in Asia are currently at a crucial juncture. Whilst many of these countries benefit from a young population, a rising middle class, and geographical proximity to major economic powerhouses such as China and India, they nonetheless face a number of significant challenges. These include successfully implementing major trade deals that they have previously agreed to, supporting the development of skilled labour, narrowing the gaps in healthcare (particularly in rural regions), and supporting the growth of SMEs. AlphaBeta was asked to support several emerging Asian economies in helping them implement trade agreements and to narrow the development gaps between these countries and regional peers.

What we did

To help prioritize areas of action, AlphaBeta analysed the economic development gaps in these countries, as well as the critical areas to implement in trade agreements. The team then worked closely with senior government officials in each of the countries to develop a joint plan of action that was specific, measurable, action-oriented, relevant, and timely. A detailed work plan to guide implementation was then developed to ensure the actions could be translated into impact.


The agreed areas of focus have the potential to transform health, education, trade, rural development, and SME development outcomes in each of the countries.