Career Trajectory

AlphaBeta hires talented people from a variety of different backgrounds and varied experiences. Depending on your level of prior experience, your starting point will differ. Below is an overview of the different roles.

Business Analyst

Typically people coming straight from university or with limited work experience. Focus is on building core consulting and economics toolkit as well as client engagement skills.


Typically people with MBA/PhD and/or 3-4 years work experience. Focus is on building core consulting and economics toolkit, and deepening existing client experience. Rapid expected trajectory to learn leadership roles.

Engagement Manager

Leader of the team engagement with the client. Responsible for coordinating team activities to meet expected deliverables, maintaining team happiness and development, and for building strong working relationships with clients.

Associate Principal

Splitting time across multiple clients, and building close relationships with senior client leaders. Rigorously challenges the team’s thinking, adopting CEO mindset. Developing core area of expertise where seen as a leading expert and which is valued by clients.


Main counterpart with CEO/senior client leader. Responsible for negotiating client engagements and building close relationship with senior clients, being seen as the trusted advisor. Actively challenges the received wisdom on key economics concepts, and sought out externally for input.



It is important to stress that AlphaBeta is a non-hierarchical firm. We expect our Business Analysts to be leading presentations with senior clients and be active in problem solving discussions. There is no sitting in the background at AlphaBeta! We believe this allows talented people the best opportunity to thrive and develop.


We also have no set time periods for promotion. We promote people based on when they are ready, not when they have served a certain time.