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How to Flirt with a Girl Using Touch

When you have your eyes on a girl, letting her know that you want to be with her takes a little bit of innocent flirting.  By flirting, you can see if you get any vibes in return, and you can judge how much effort you are going to need to put into the girl. 

Frequent eye contact is very important.  If you are around others, then make sure you aren't giving her longing love looks that linger on and on.  There is a place for these looks, and it is when you are alone.  Instead, a bunch of little moments where you catch each other’s eyes and give her that "I'm into you" smile, is the best you can do.  If you get some smiles back, you know you are on the right track because the flirting is being reciprocated.  If you get just quick glances away, you need to step it up a notch because she’s not into you….yet.  Don’t get discouraged, just try to get her into you. If you are alone and the relationship has advanced to where you know those longing love looks will be well received, then go ahead. But end them with that devilish smirk.

It is very important to touch a girl and break the touch barrier.  Touching is a simple human need and super critical to proper flirting.  Without it, we would die.  It is as much a necessity as food and water.  It bonds us to who we touch.  One of the best ways to judge if a girl is interested in you is by touching.  It is also a great tool to form a personal bond between you and the young lady of your heart's desire.  

There are several different tricks you can do to achieve this, so let’s start with some simple ones and work our way up.  The random hand or arm touch is a pretty non-committal way to break the touch barrier.  In the middle of a conversation, if she is trying to be funny (even if it’s not funny), laugh.  While laughing, just take a second to grab her hand.  Or even better, start at her bicep and rub your hand down her arm quickly stopping at her hand to grasp it a little bit tighter as you laugh at her hilarity.  There, you have broken the touch barrier and started forming a bond.  If she quickly pulls away or otherwise isn’t receptive to your touch, then stop immediately and try again later once you feel things are going better.

SIDENOTE- Touch has been proven to be a vital human need. It's not just a means of flirting; it is necessary for our survival. Studies have shown that infants deprived of touch, even though they are given all the other physical resources necessary to survive, can suddenly die. There have been other various experiments that have proven the importance of touch.  Check out these links for more information: Link 1Link 2 , Link 3  Believe me now? …….good, let’s get back on track.

Another good simple touch that almost never fails and really starts to form a bond is the "crowded, follow me" hand hold.  This one is golden and it almost never fails.  If you are in a situation where it is very crowded and you are forced to crab walk in a single file line, then take the lead and then extend your hand backward without looking back and hold it there as you walk.  She will almost always take your hand and hold it until you have cleared through the danger.  Not only does this force them to mentally feel like you are already boyfriend and girlfriend building a strong personal bond, but it shows that you are the alpha male. You are the man leading her passed the danger.  It shows them you are strong and confident, which is one of the most important images you can project to a girl.  (see article on confidence)

Ok, now for some advanced touching techniques that throws in a little sexiness and seduction.  These are my favorite and are able to be used quite often since commonly the young slayer of virtue will be in a loud bar practicing his skills.  I like to call it the “what? I can’t hear you! Come closer and let me get a cheap feel" touch.  It is so easy to pull off, but somewhat ineffective in regards to learning if she is into you or not.  However, it definitely breaks the touch barrier and starts to form the bond.  

When she says something in a loud bar, even if you can hear her, use this move.  Just say “what?”, while at the same time putting your hand on the back of her shoulder and pulling her close to you.  Pull her all the way so she is mouth to ear with you.  If she is telling you something lengthy, in the middle of what she is saying, slowly and softly run your hand down her back and let it rest on the small of her back until she is done telling you whatever garbage she is spewing forth.  Once it is over, she’ll pull away and that will be the end of it.  

SIDENOTE: The small of the back is a very sexy zone for women.  Touching it or kissing it is a good move to make whenever you can.  

There is also another spur-of-the-moment move that I love to do on a woman that I know is interested in me.  After you have done the "pull closer mouth to ear" trick, then you will be able to do this one as well.  While you are speaking in her ear, just let your lips gently graze their ear…by accident of course. Mwuhahahaa!  The ear is another very sexy zone and just grazing it will get them going, even if it was a pseudo accident.  

Now if you know that the girl is definitely into you, as you finish what you are saying to them, give just the shortest 1-2 second nibble, (no teeth) on the earlobe or the top of the ear.  When you get home later, try to stay out of the way of the flying panties.

Those are some good ice breakers with flirting by touch, just remember the strategy and not the tactics. The strategy is to touch. However you do it, make up your own shit if you have to, just touch and bond, and let the good times roll.

Godspeed young slayer of virtue.


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