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Getting Her in the Mood

Many of you should find this article helpful, especially if your sex life has recently dropped off a bit from where it used to be.  It always happens. Hot steamy sex three times a day during the honeymoon phase eventually drops down to maybe a couple times per week.  The reason is simple.  During the honeymoon phase, women are always in the mood.  Nothing about you is routine, nothing about you is boring, and all they want to do is be with you.  They are ALWAYS in the mood.

Once the honeymoon phase starts to end and real life comes into the picture, you will start to get boring to them.  Even sex will start to get boring, and she wonít always be in the mood like she was in the honeymoon phase.  This means you will need to get her in the mood.  I will tell you the basic makeup of a woman, some effective ways to get them in the mood, as well as some of the differences between women and men.  This will help you understand a little better why she is how she is and why you are how you are.

Letís start with women.  Women, for the most part, are emotional creatures.  Everything they have is on the inside, including their sex organs.  Men on the other hand are more physical creatures or creatures of sight.  Our sex organs are on the outside, where they are constantly being rubbed, touched, aroused, or stimulated just by walking down the damn street.  There is no protection to our sex organ. Therefore it is always on high alert ready to go to battle.  The womanís, on the other hand, is guarded so you have to have access to the fort before you can get in the trenches, no pun intended.  Men are stimulated visually either by the sight of sex (pornography) or by something as simple as a pretty girl walking down the street.  Women are sexually stimulated more from emotion and touch.  Knowing these two differences will help you do what it takes to get your woman, or any woman, in the mood for monkey love.

One of the biggest mistakes men make is to neglect the things we need to do in order to get our women in the mood.  Then later, we wonder why they never want to have sex with us.  We think our sex life is declining because she never wants to do it anymore.  We say ďwant to do it?Ē and are shocked when they donít just rip their panties off and jump into the bed.  Men may be instantly ready at a momentís notice, but women have to be built up before they are ready. 

Before we get to the physical stuff, letís start with something that will help get them in the mood if you know you will want it later that evening.  Pay attention to her throughout the day and not just the hour before you want to get laid.  Complement her throughout the day and kiss her throughout the day.  Maybe grab her a few times and kiss her on the neck or otherwise flirt pretty heavily with her.  These types of actions will set the mood for later that evening.  Consider it a long series of foreplay that is working on getting her ready for the night to come.  You can also set-up a nice surprise for her that day, even if it is just something as simple as flowers.  Within the surprise you can leave a note saying, ďtonight you are mineĒ.  Doing something for her that spells out the fact that tonight is set for monkey love almost guarantees you a night of fun.

Ok, letís say the mood sneaks up on you in a situation where you havenít had all day to get her ready.  I know we all hate to hear this but the simple truth is, to get most women in the mood, one simple thing is needed, foreplay.  Basically forget that you have been dating her forever and have had sex a thousand times.  Put yourself back into the mode you were in the very first time you had sex.  You have to start with the basics and build yourself up to sex by slowly getting her in the mood. 

Just as you did that first night, start with kissing.  Make out with her passionately and let it naturally progress to second base, third base, and so on until you are where you want to be.  Don't neglect any of the steps.  The biggest mistake we make is skipping all of that.  Foreplay is what gets a woman ready to close the deal.  Thatís the single best thing you can do to get your woman in the mood for love.  Doing these things is absolutely essential to getting their motor running and ready for the dirty deed.  I know this may not have been the quick answer you were looking for, but it is the cold hard facts.

Go forth young sock rockers, rock their socks!


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