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Transforming Indonesia’s Education System

Education in Indonesia is a large, complex, and diverse system. Teaching all these people, young and old, the skills needed to succeed in Indonesia’s rapidly changing economy is a huge challenge. AlphaBeta is proud to support the APC to understand what it would take for philanthropists and social investors to create catalytic impact in Indonesia’s vast education system.

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How Australian businesses can tap into the ASEAN opportunity

Australian businesses are facing exciting opportunities right on their doorstep in Southeast Asia, but most of them aren’t aware of it. Even those who are aware of these opportunities often fail to capture their full potential because of gaps in their business strategies.

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Google Economic Impact Singapore 2015

Digital technologies have become indispensable for countries to prosper and grow in the internet age. This report helps to close the existing knowledge gap by assessing the economic impact of Google’s digital technologies in Singapore. 

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Op-ed: Why machines won’t generate mass unemployment

Technological change has long been a source of anxiety for workers. But the doomsayers are misreading the signs.

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Andrew Charlton’s essay on The Robot Race in The Monthly

The robots are coming for our jobs – but there is a silver lining.

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