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Bigger Picture: The new age of screen content

Prepared for Google by AlphaBeta.
Screen content is undergoing an evolutionary leap. For sixty years, content was delivered from mostly the same sources, via mostly the same means, to mostly the same device.

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Companies pushing sustainable urban infrastructure could create $3.7 trillion annual windfall in 2030

Prepared by AlphaBeta for Business and Sustainable Development Commission.
New research shows sustainable business models could also generate 170 million jobs by unlocking opportunities across 16 areas, including affordable housing, energy efficiency in buildings, and public transport.

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BBC Business Daily: India’s Green Revolution

Business Daily – BBC, 01 December 2016. Presenter: Ed Butler.
Today we are talking revolutions – not those fought on the battlefield or city streets – but those waged in agriculture. It’s 50 years since a Green Revolution began transforming India’s rice production, and soon afterwards Asia’s ability to feed itself more generally.

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