We integrate strategy and economics to solve the most important business and societal challenges


AlphaBeta is a strategy advisory business serving clients across Australia and Asia from offices in Singapore and Sydney. Our team of advisors are experts in both strategy and economics who partner with clients from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors to identify the forces shaping their markets and develop practical plans to create prosperity and wellbeing.

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expertise areas

Cities and consumer demand

AlphaBeta works with governments, corporations and investors on understanding and responding to the challenges of urbanisation.

Productivity and growth

AlphaBeta works with governments and corporations across the Asia Pacific region to help them adapt to this evolving economic landscape.

Innovation and technology

AlphaBeta works with corporations, investors and governments on various technology related issues, including the development of digital technology.


AlphaBeta works with corporations, investors, governments and NGOs on areas such as sustainable management of natural resources.

Inequality and job creation

AlphaBeta works with governments, NGOs and corporations on addressing income equality concerns and supporting job creation.


Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are the economic backbone of the Asia Pacific, accounting for more than 97 percent of firms and employing more than half of all workers...

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Education in Indonesia is a large, complex, and diverse system. Teaching all these people, young and old, the skills needed to succeed in Indonesia’s rapidly changing economy is a huge...

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There could be one ton of plastic waste in the world’s oceans for every three tons of fish in the year 2025. AlphaBeta Director Fraser Thompson explored new ways to...

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